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Antique Engagement Ring Styles

The best thing about choosing an antique or vintage engagement ring, aside from the ethical consideration, is the fact that the piece already has a history. Someone has loved this ring before. They beamed with joy when they received it and treasured it for years. They were the custodian then, and you are the custodian now. Whatever the style, what could possibly be more romantic than that?

The beauty of jewellery is that the piece is whatever you make it. No one needs to conform to formulas where their jewellery styles are concerned. Nonetheless, we have listed some of the more traditional engagement ring styles below to help you with your search. 

antique diamond solitaire ring

Solitaire Ring

The most popular engagement ring style in modern times, invented by De Beers at the end of the 1940s - the single diamond on a gold or platinum band. Solitaire engagement rings used to near exclusively feature diamonds, but nowadays a wide variety of gemstones are used including emerald, sapphire and aquamarine. Diamond simulants such as cubic zirconia and synthetic moissanite are also a popular choice.

Toi et Moi Ring

French for 'you and me', and in jewellery form it's a two stone ring in which the gemstones represent the giver and the wearer. These are often highly stylistic and beautiful rings flowing in design, since they were popular during the Edwardian and Art Nouveau periods.

antique three stone trilogy ring

Trilogy Ring

The trilogy ring is traditionally given on an important date such as an anniversary, but these rings make fabulous engagement rings too. The past, the present and the future are represented by the the three gemstones, and this is not only an incredibly romantic ring, but one which signifies hope for the future. The three stone ring was presented to Meghan Markle by Prince Harry, during his proposal.

Bypass Ring

These are rings where the gold band crosses over or overlaps at some point, usually at the top of the ring. The meaning of this: two souls intertwined. Another romantic ring, which may be set with one or several diamonds or gemstones. Often very beautiful rings that have remained popular since the 1800s.

emerald cluster ring

Cluster Ring

Sorry to keep going on about the Royal connection, but yep, Kate Middleton's engagement ring was a cluster! Kate's ring (which had previously belonged to Princess Diana) features a large central oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Cluster rings are an explosion of sparkle whatever the gemstone choice, and can  be round, oval, floral or rectangular in design.