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Vintage Emerald Rings

Shop our beautiful selection of vintage emerald rings including emerald engagement rings. All of our antique and vintage emerald rings are expertly appraised, described and delivered fast and free the world over.

Can emerald rings be worn every day?

Emeralds are brittle stones and are not particularly hard wearing. That said, they are incredibly beautiful stones and they make show-stopping engagement rings - many people feel a real affinity to emeralds and they are highly prized and desired. So do they make suitable engagement rings or every day rings? The simple answer is yes, provided the wearer can treat the ring with care. Ideally your emerald will be bezel set into the ring, rather than claw set. This means the stone's delicate edges are protected from knocks and bangs by a rim of metal. Also, it's really important that your emerald ring is removed before doing any activity where it might get knocked - this includes exercise, house work, gardening etc. Finally, emeralds must never be put in an ultrasonic cleaner or exposed to heat. Vibrations may crack the stone, and heat may remove the oil used to treat the stone and bring out its vibrant green colour.

Can I resize a vintage emerald ring?

Ideally, you should buy your vintage or antique emerald ring in the correct size. Emeralds dislike the intense heat of the jewellers torch, and there is always a risk the stone will get damaged when the piece if resized. That said, if the perfect ring for you is the wrong size - provided you choose a goldsmith with a great deal of experience working with antique emerald rings - a successful ring resize should be possible. Always consider though there is an element of risk.

Are antique emerald rings valuable?

Definitely, and they are probably one of the most sought after types of vintage ring too, which pushes up their value further. We find that vintage emerald rings we sell never hang around for long, and they are becoming harder and harder to source. An antique emerald ring is definitely a good investment and a piece of jewellery to be passed down through generations.

Should emerald be worn in gold or silver?

As a valuable stone, good quality emeralds are general set into gold, particularly 18ct gold which protects the stone well. Emeralds are rarely found set in silver in vintage rings, though white gold is a popular choice as an alternative for those who prefer lighter, brighter metals. Alternatively, platinum is another popular choice when it comes to vintage emerald rings, especially modern day reproduciton pieces.