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Vintage & Antique Gold Rings

Yellow, White & Rose

Shop our fabulous selection of vintage gold rings in yellow, white and rose 18ct, 14ct and 9ct gold. Vintage and antique signet rings, gypsy rings, wedding rings, men's and women's, all beautifully presented with free worldwide delivery.

What are considered vintage gold rings?

Any gold ring over 20 years old is considered vintage, while any gold ring over 100 years old is considered antique. We age rings using hallmarks (if available), style and construction methods, cut of stones and general wear, tear and condition. Many modern rings are made in the vintage style, and that's why it's important to buy your ring from an expert such as us here at Kit Clayton Jewellery, if you want to be certain of its provenance.

What colour golds are there?

You will find vintage and antique rings in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Yellow is the true colour of gold, while rose gold is achieved by adding pink copper. White gold is typically made from adding palladium and silver to makes a dull grey gold, which is then plated in a material such as rhodium to brighten it up. White gold will need maintenance in the form of re-plating over time, to keep it shining bright and white.

On which finger do you wear a vintage signet ring?

The most common finger is the little finger it the ring finger (the next one along from the little finger). That said, signet rings are designed to be worn on any finger and it all comes down to personal taste and preference. We think they work quite well on the index finger too, though this tends to be one of your bigger fingers and will require sizing up.

What karat/carat of gold is best for a vintage gold ring?

Where budget allows, opt for an 18ct gold vintage ring: 18 karat is better quality due to the higher gold content and generally more durable. The next best carat is 14ct, though that tends to be less popular in the UK, and more popular in the USA. Finally we get to 9ct gold, which is still an excellent quality material but contains less pure gold than 18ct. When it comes to vintage rings, 9ct gold was often used to set cheaper gemstones...though the gemstone considered cheaper back when the ring was made, may no longer be so! Opal doublets and triplets being a prime example.

Are yellow gold wedding rings coming back in style?

Back in style? They never left! Yellow gold is a classic and timeless metal that will never go out of style, and vintage yellow gold wedding rings are as popular as they ever were. The wonderful thing about buying a vintage wedding ring is the life and love it has witnessed before you. An enduring love trinket and piece of social history passed on and its legacy continued, bringing more happiness and unity. Nothing could be more romantic than that.

What makes a vintage gold ring a gypsy ring?

In a gypsy ring, or gypsy setting, precious stones are set deep into the gold band, meaning the top of the stone is flush with the metal. This makes the stones more secure, less prone to damage, less visible and therefore less likely to be stolen. In the lawless days of highway men and dim-to-no street lighting, there was a lot of be said for looking less ostentatious and not flaunting one's wealth when out and about. The gypsy ring did exactly that and it was particularly popular with both men and women.