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Vintage Opal Rings

Browse our selection of vintage opal rings including opal engagement rings. White opal, black opal, opal doublet and opal triplet antique rings. All expertly checked, verified and delivered beautifully boxed.

What's the different between solid opal, an opal doublet and an opal triplet?

An 'solid opal' is made of 100% opal - no other constituents except for maybe some slivers of natural ironstone in random positions. Opals can have a white or light general body colour, or a blue or dark general body colour. The darker opals - known as black opal - are very valuable. An opal doublet is a thin slice of opal stuck onto an dark backing by man - the backing may be ironstone. The backing can make the opal slice look darker and more attractive. An opal triplet is a slice of opal stuck to dark backing and with a clear dome affixed over the top, usually quartz. So while opal doublets and triplets do have opal as a part, they are constructed opals. They are however very beautiful and still very valuable in their own right. They are a great way of obtained and wearing a very expensive gemstone.

How can you tell if an opal is real?

With a loupe and an experienced eye. Also take note of the play of colour - the different coloured patches should be entirely randomly placed in a natural opal (including doublets and triplets). If your opal play of colour is uniform, it is likely a synthetic stone, made in a laboratory. This is different to an opal doublet or triplet - the opal in both of which is naturally formed.

How can you tell if an opal is valuable?

The darker blue the body of the stone, generally, the more valuable it is. In addition the more colours in play as you move it around in the light, and especially if you see orange and red, the more valuable the opal. Solid opal is far more valuable than opal doublets or triplets or the same colour grade. However, a solid but very white opal may be less valuable than a deep blue opal doublet with a beautiful play of colour. Opals are best valued by experts.

What are the issues with opal rings?

Opals are soft stones and care must be taken when wearing opal rings. They must always be removed during any activity where they may get bashed as they are easy to damage. In addition, opals dislike the heat or becoming overly dry, so keep your opal ring off the windowsill on a sunny day! Opals are recommend to be stored in a small pot of distilled water from time to time, to stop them drying out. As they are porous, ensure no other liquids get onto your ring including swimming pool water, perfumes, creams and moisturisers. You can read more about opals over on our vintage opal jewellery page.