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Shop our fabulous selection of antique and vintage rings, all of which can be presented as vintage engagement rings, from Georgian to Victorian to Edwardian to Art Deco and Mid Century. Solitaire, cluster, halo, 3 & 5 stone antique rings beautifully boxed and delivered fast, UK and worldwide.

What makes a ring vintage or antique?

A vintage ring is at least 20 years old. An antique ring is at least 100 years old. Sometimes we can be absolutely certain of ring ages due to hallmarks, other times we have to take an educated guess based on condition, style and stone cut. Hallmarking did not become a legal requirement until the mid 20th century, hence why so many vintage and antique rings are not hallmarked.

What are the timeless engagement ring styles?

Solitaire Ring

The most enduring engagement ring style in modern times. Solitaire engagement rings used to near exclusively feature diamonds, but nowadays a wide variety of gemstones are used. The most popular stones in vintage engagement rings, after diamond, are emerald, sapphire rings, ruby and aquamarine.

Toi et Moi Ring

Toi et Moi is French for 'you and me', and a toi et moi ring is a two stone piece in which the gemstones represent the giver and the wearer. These are often highly stylistic and beautiful rings with a flowing design, since they were popular during the Edwardian and Art Nouveau periods. The two stones may be diamonds, or they may be a sapphire and a diamond or other combinations.

Trilogy or 'Three Stone' Ring

The trilogy ring is traditionally given on an important date such as an anniversary, but these rings make fabulous engagement rings too. The past, the present and the future are represented by the three gemstones, and the trilogy ring is not only an incredibly romantic piece of jewellery, but one which signifies hope and excitement for all the things yet to come. 

Bypass or Crossover Ring

In bypass rings, the gold or platinum band crosses over or overlaps at some point, usually at the top of the ring.  Bypass rings are also often referred to as crossover rings. It is generally agreed that the style of this ring represents the intertwining or overlapping of two souls. 

Cluster Ring

Cluster rings are an explosion of sparkle whatever the gemstone choice, and can  be round, oval, floral or rectangular in design. We particularly love vintage cluster rings that feature a central coloured stone surrounded by diamonds.

Why buy a vintage ring?

If you are shopping for a vintage ring, it's likely because you or the person you intend to gift it to appreciates both the beauty and history of antique jewellery. There is something very magical about owning a old piece of jewellery that has been loved before, and that has survived for many many years against the odds. Antique jewellery is an actual piece of history with its own personal story to tell. By purchasing an antique or vintage ring, engagement or otherwise, you are adding your happy ever after tale onto everything that has come before. Someone has loved this ring before. They beamed with joy when they received it and treasured it for years. They were the custodian then, and you are the custodian now. Whatever the style, what could possibly be more romantic and magical than that?