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Vintage Sapphire Rings

Shop our fabulous selection of vintage sapphire rings including sapphire engagement rings. All expertly checked, verified and delivered beautifully boxed.

Can I wear a vintage sapphire ring daily?

In short, yes. While sapphires are not quite as tough as diamonds and will suffer small nibbles to their facet edges over time, sapphires are incredibly resilient stones and can be worn daily. As with all vintage rings, do remove your sapphire ring before sport and exercise, before cleaning, heavy carrying and any activity where the ring could get knocked or bashed.

Which colour sapphire is most expensive?

Earth-mined sapphires of good quality are valuable stones, and the most desirable and therefore expensive colour is blue. Not all shades of blue are equal, however! Very dark blue stones, or grey-blue stones, are less expensive than royal blue or velvety blue. Most blue sapphires are heated to remove unwelcome tones and to improve their blueness. Unheated blue sapphires of good colour are rare and extremely valuable.

Sapphires come in a huge variety of colours and those that are not blue are known as fancy sapphires. They may be colourless, yellow, green, pink or purple. When a sapphire is red, it is known as a ruby.

Are sapphires always natural stones?

Sapphires can come out of the Earth, or they can be grown in a lab. People can be surprised to learn that humans have been making synthetic sapphires in laboratories since the early 20th century, and they can be found in many antique and vintage sapphire rings. We are gemmologists here at Kit Clayton Jewellery, trained to spot natural vs synthetic inclusions, and we will always make clear in the product listing if the sapphire you are buying is synthetic.

Is sapphire a popular engagement ring stone?

Very much so. Sapphire is a durable gemstone and can be worn daily, which makes it ideal for an engagement ring. Furthermore, sapphire is believed to represent romantic love, honesty, sincerity and faithfulness, and so has been a popular love token stone for generations.