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Ring Resizing

Rings that are suitable for resizing will have the option available on their page for a small additional fee. Where no option is available, we are only able to supply the ring as is. Ring style and gemstone type are the usual reasons why we chose not to offer resizing on a piece (for example, opals and pearls dislike the heat of jeweller's torch).

Resizing typically takes 2 weeks to complete and it's possible that hallmarks and other stamps will be lost.

Please ensure you know your accurate ring size before opting to resize an old piece of jewellery. Ideally resizing should be done only once to reduce the chance of damage. If you're not sure of your ring size, you can grab a free ring sizer from our sister company Sterling & Wilde.

If buying as a gift without knowing the ring size required, we highly recommend you buy as is and visit a local jeweller after purchase with the recipient to get her finger measured and the ring sized accurately.

Please note that we do not accept returns on resized rings.