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Vintage 9ct Gold Synthetic Colour Change Sapphire Dress Ring


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A beautiful vintage ring with a huge colour change sapphire set in a decorative 9ct gold setting. The sapphire, which measures just under 1.3cm wide, varies from pinky purple to bluey-purple, depending on the light source. This colour change happens because the gemstone - coloured by vanadium and chromium - is acting as colour filter for the different types of light. The more blue the light, the more bluey-purple the stone, and the more red the light, the more pinky-purple the stone.. It's a large and very beautiful stone that been set in four, double claws to great effect.

Sapphire has been synthesized by man since the 1800s but the process became streamlined and the stones very popular in the early 1900s. It is not at all unusual to find antique and vintage jewellery featuring synthetic sapphire - they were very sought after. In terms of chemical composition, this stone is identical to a sapphire that has been dug from the Earth. The main difference is this one was grown in weeks rather than over millions of years. A beautiful piece of jewellery and a lovely talking point! The ring is supplied in our modern eco jewellery box - the vintage case shown is one of our props.

More Information

  • Size: UK L / US 6 / EU 51.5
  • Age: 1940s-1950s
  • Material: 9ct Gold
  • Marks: 9ct
  • Weight: 4.47 grams
  • Principal Stone: Synthetic Sapphire
  • Principal Cut: Round Mixed
  • Est Weight: 9.3ct Approx
  • Case: Modern Eco Ring Box

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