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Antique 9ct Rose Gold Opal Doublet Ring


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This beautiful ring has now sold - you can view more vintage opal rings here.

This is such a fabulous ring - a statement piece, but one that's not too statement as the stone and setting are quite shallow, making the ring comfortable for wear during daytime and evening. The opal in this ring shows a lovely mix of blues and greens, and there is a tiny spec of host rock that makes its way to the surface - this feature has lead us to assess this stone as an opal doublet rather than an opal triplet. It could, of course, be an entirely natural opal (not a doublet or triplet). However, as the sides and back are enclosed we cannot say for certain and we have priced the ring as a doublet.

Opal doublets and triplets are man's way of using the fine slivers of opal that are found in Australian rocks, but are not stable enough to be worn as jewels on their own. In an opal doublet, the slice of precious opal is attached to a backing - usually ironstone. In an opal triplet, a clear surface is also placed on top, usually colourless quartz. 

We recommend not submerging this ring in water as it could weaken the bond between the opal and the assumed backing layer. We also recommend keeping it away from heat and taking it off before doing any activity where the stone could get bashed. It is such a beautiful ring and a real find, which we would age as early 20th century. It's in good condition, the band still thick and with a line indicating it has been resized at some point. The colour is subtle rose gold, slightly too pink to be considered yellow gold. 

More Information

  • Size: UK N / US 7 / EU 54
  • Resizable? Not recommended (opals do not like heat)
  • Material: 9ct Rose Gold
  • Opal Size: 9mm x 1.6cm
  • Age: 1900-1920
  • Marks: 9ct
  • Weight: 2.38 grams
  • Principal Stone: Opal Doublet
  • Case: Modern Jewellery Box

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